A just and sustainable New York City is a city with low-carbon infrastructure, climate resilient and environmentally
just communities, and good jobs for all New Yorkers



Devise a holistic strategy to target New York City emissions across a multitude of initiatives.   The City finds a feasible pathway towards 80% reductions in building  over 25,000 square feet by 2050.


Ensure any policies addressing climate change are implemented in an equitable way, prioritizing front-line communities, stopping environmental racism, and smoothing-out both costs and benefits.


Advocate for policies aimed at lifting the floor through the creation of well-paying jobs.  Ensure Labor standards are enacted, creating career pathways for local residents and benefits for the community.


Find resources for public institutions and communities through climate savings.  Re-invest in the community, workforce, and programs aimed at deeper emissions reductions.  Create public sector jobs for New York residents.


Climate Works for All was created to form long-term projects and initiatives aimed at resiliency and income inequality. The coalition released an inaugural report in 2014, which outlined ten bold proposals for tackling climate change and creating well-paying jobs. The coalition seeks to address all ten issues, but has prioritized two--mandatory large building retrofits and renewables on public buildings--to tackle the problem right away. In addition, the coalition has proposals around transportation, waste, replacing boilers in NYCHA buildings, and repairing leaking gas lines.