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"Labor, Green Groups Push City on Climate-Change Measures"

"A coalition of about 40 environmental and labor groups issued a report Thursday urging Mayor Bill de Blasio to push more aggressively to reduce emissions and address climate change, laying out measures the groups say will create nearly 40,000 jobs a year.

The report, "Climate Works for All," is authored by The Alliance for a Greater New York, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, the New York City Central Labor Council, the BlueGreen Alliance and the AFL-CIO. It lays out 10 proposals.

The green groups and unions acknowledged that many of the proposals are underway, but said they want to keep the pressure on the mayor.

"Several of the proposals in this report overlap with measures proposed by Mayor de Blasio and the City Council, but others push the city to even stronger action on climate change and quality job creation," the 32-page report states."

"How Mayor de Blasio Can truly Lead on Climate Change"

"We applaud Mayor Bill de Blasio for highlighting the importance of taking action to combat climate change and create more fairness in the city ("Preparing the climate change means making New York fairer too"). But his op-ed neglects to mention the best way to achieve his laudable goal of lowering greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050: establishing a citywide requirement for greater energy efficiency on private buildings."



"Two Percent of NYC Buildings Use 45% of Energy: Report"

"Two percent of the city's buildings use 45% of the city's energy, according to a new report by Climate Works For All.

The organization, part of The Alliance for a Greater New York (ALIGN) and focused on combating climate change while creating jobs, used data that is publicly available through the city's energy consumption reporting requirements, enacted as part of the Greener, Greater Buildings (GGBP) laws.

ALIGN claims that among the worst offenders are luxury residential buildings that, through outsize amenities, end up consuming much more energy than the majority of other residential buildings in the city.

On Tuesday, members of the group, along with representatives from New York Communities for Change and other associations, held a rally at the corner of West 57th street and Sixth Avenue, on so-called "billionaire's row."

Between leading chants through a megaphone, Josh Kellermann, a senior analyst for ALIGN, said that the organization wants to work with the City Council to expand the energy regulations governing city buildings."

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