Climate Works for All



Aligning Community,  Environmental Justice Advocates, and Labor Unions to Tackle Climate Change & Income Inequality


Our Coalition

Formed in 2014, Climate Works for All is comprised of environmental justice advocates, community organizations, and Labor unions with the goal of addressing climate change and income inequality.  The coalition focuses on promoting policies to tackle both reductions in carbon emissions, as well as resiliency.  Investments in resiliency upgrades can serve as a catalyst for job creation, including pathways to apprenticeship, and local hire opportunities.  In particular, the coalition is focused on mandatory large-building retrofits and devising a comprehensive strategy to install renewable energy systems on New York City public buildings. 

Objectives of the Coalition


01. Reduce Emissions -

Devise a holistic strategy to target New York City emissions across a multitude of initiatives.   The City finds a feasible pathway towards 80% reductions in building  over 25,000 square feet by 2050.

02. Promote Equity -

Ensure any policies addressing climate change are implemented in an equitable way, prioritizing front-line communities, stopping environmental racism, and smoothing-out both costs and benefits.

03. Create well-paying jobs -

Advocate for policies aimed at lifting the floor through the creation of well-paying jobs.  Ensure Labor standards are enacted, creating career pathways for local residents and benefits for the community.

04. Re-invest in local government  -

Find resources for public institutions and communities through climate savings.  Re-invest in the community, workforce, and programs aimed at deeper emissions reductions.  Create public sector jobs for New York residents.

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"When we look up, we are viewing nothing less than the skyline of survival for New York City."-Climate Works for All Coalition, Crain's Business, 12/15